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“I had one patient who was so embarrassed by his mouth that he wouldn’t talk to anyone. I told him that if he meets me halfway [with his commitment to oral health] that I would give him a smile he’s proud of. The treatment changed his life. Now he talks to everyone, he has a changed his world. Patients like that make this worth it. Their gratitude keeps you going.”

– Ali Khayyer, DDS, Landmark Dental


Explore everything the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program has to offer.

Did you know that taking care of your teeth and gums isn't just about a pretty smile—it's about protecting your overall well-being? When we don’t take care of our oral health, it can lead to serious oral health issues such as periodontal disease, or gum disease, which has been associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, negative pregnancy outcomes, and other serious health-related issues. It’s true. Taking care of your mouth really matters. Luckily, as of January 1, 2023, all adults enrolled in Maryland Medicaid now have comprehensive dental benefits through the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program—covering a wide range of dental services to make healthy living possible. Plus, you can smile knowing you have supporters, like MDAC, dental professionals, and statewide partners, who have worked together to make this expansion of dental benefits in Maryland Medicaid a reality.

You Can Smile Knowing:

  • You’re covered for a wide variety of essential dental services with no premiums, deductibles, or copays—or a maximum benefit amount each year.
  • You have access to dentists who understand what you’re going through—and are dedicated to providing compassionate guidance through every step of your journey to better health.
  • The Maryland Healthy Smiles benefits make it easier to take care of your oral health with wraparound services to support you accessing the care you need.
  • There are designated people here to help you find the care you need. You can reach out to your local county ombudsman and/or Administrative Care Coordination Units to connect you with quality dental care that you deserve.

When it comes to your oral health, how do you want to feel?

Empowered and Motivated

Good news! With the Maryland Healthy Smiles benefits, you can make your oral health a top priority.

Comforted and Supported

We hear you! Maryland Healthy Smiles connects you to dental providers that can help make you and your mouth feel good and look good.

Confident and Educated

You know that your oral health is the key to better overall health and now you’re ready to use your Maryland Healthy Smiles benefits to get the quality care you deserve.


All of the Above

By taking advantage of your Maryland Healthy Smiles benefits, you can now feel empowered, motivated, comforted, supported, confident, and educated. Take the first step towards feeling good in your mouth and overall well-being by scheduling your dental visit today.

Covered Dental Care During Pregnancy/Postpartum

Pregnant or just had a baby? You could be covered for essential dental care services.

Bringing a new life into the world is no easy feat and can often be demanding on your body and health. That’s why the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program offers dental coverage for eligible pregnant adults for up to a year postpartum.

If you are eligible for full Medicaid prior to your pregnancy, then you already have the benefit; however, if you are a pregnant adult who is 21 years or older and you meet the income requirements, you are also eligible to receive covered dental care services through the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program. Once you meet your one-year postpartum date, your eligibility will be reviewed to see if you still qualify for coverage.

I Want to Know the Facts About the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you’re an adult 21 years or older with full Medicaid benefits, then you’re eligible for the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program! The best way to check if you have full Medicaid coverage is to look at your Medicaid card. If it’s red and white, then you have access to the dental benefits—and one step closer to a healthier and happier mouth and self.

If you’re a pregnant adult who is 21 years or older and you meet the income requirements, then you’re also eligible for the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program! Please note that eligibility for the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program and the length of dental coverage are different for undocumented pregnant immigrants. Learn more here.

What dental care services are covered by Maryland Healthy Smiles?

  • Regular checkups and exams (some emergency/specific need exams)
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Crowns
  • Pulling teeth (extractions)
  • Denture adjustments
  • Anesthesia
  • Preventive care and periodontal therapy

What dental care services are not covered by Maryland Healthy Smiles?

  • Experimental procedures
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Dentures for adults 21+

How do I find a dentist who sees Maryland Healthy Smiles patients?

  1. Call the dentist listed on your Medicaid Member ID card.
  2. If you’d like to explore other provider options, visit the Maryland Healthy Smiles portal to locate other participating dentists.
  3. Email the benefit administer, Skygen USA, for support or call Customer Service at 1-855-934-9812 or 7-1-1 for Relay calls and provide the Customer Service number.

If you experience any difficulties scheduling an appointment with your assigned dentist, please call the Maryland Healthy Smiles Customer Service number at 1-855-934-9812 (or 7-1-1 for Relay users and provide the Customer Service number). Be sure to have the provider information from your Medicaid Member ID card available and the reason given by the dental office of why you couldn’t be seen. Maryland Healthy Smiles Customer Service will then help connect you to a new dental provider.

Why is dental care important during my pregnancy and postpartum period?

Your oral health always matters, but it’s especially important during pregnancy and postpartum. First, this is because your body is hard at work growing another human being, and if you neglect your oral health there’s a greater risk of having dental issues that can impact your well-being and your baby’s well-being. Pregnant and postpartum adults are also at a greater risk of developing cavities and gingivitis due to the strenuous nature of carrying and delivering a baby, and there’s also a link between breastfeeding and periodontal diseases due to the decreases in bone density that breastfeeding individuals often experience. Also, during the postpartum period, the focus can shift from the parent to the baby, which can result in putting your care needs on the backburner—so that’s why you must prioritize your oral health!

Is it safe to receive dental care while I am pregnant?

It is safe to receive general and preventive dental care during your pregnancy, so being pregnant should not stop you from seeing your dentist. Just like any other significant change in your health, you should let your dentist know that you are pregnant before your next appointment.

How can I get transportation to and from my dentist appointments?

Check out the Maryland Healthy Smiles Local Transportation Contacts guide to learn if transportation assistance is available in your area.

What if I need more help?

If you need additional help, your local health department can connect you to professionals to help you manage your healthcare. Contact information for Administrative Care Coordination Units and/or ombudsman offices can also be found below (listed by county).

Are there additional resources I can reference to help me better understand the benefit?

Absolutely! See below for additional resources.

I'm a Participating Provider, Referral Source, or Community Partner and Want to Get Involved!

Are you interested in learning more or helping us spread the news about the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program and dental benefits?

Please feel free to download and share the following resources with your colleagues. The more people who know about Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program the more we can improve the oral health of all of our residents in our great state. Plus, with your support, we can connect even more individuals to top-notch providers who are dedicated to helping them live healthier lives.

YOU Are Your Provider’s Reason to Smile


“I want to help people take control of their health earlier and see them flourish.”  – Summer-Marie Joseph, DDS, Landmark Dental

“I was a 20-year-old single parent with a college degree, but I was by myself with no guidance. Social services treated me like I didn’t matter. I vowed that I would change things. I will help others take that next step. We will make it work. We will overcome the roadblocks.”  – Local County Department of Health Ombudsman

“This work is profoundly rewarding. I’ve learned so much about resilience and humanity from my patients.”  – Parita Patel, DMD, Former Dental Director, Health Care for the Homeless